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English Lessons

Learn English in a creative, fun and interactive manner.  Work with an experienced educator and native speaker. Choose between small group or one-to-one lessons.  

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Corporate Education

Learn English in a group or one-to-one. Learn with native speaker who has many years of business experience.  Partake in informative and engaging lessons to improve fluency and/ or grammar. 

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Avail of proofreading for your English text -  corporate, legal, medical, academic, personal, and more.  Ensure your work has the appropriate terminology, tone and native flow. 

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Talktime Social Club

Enhance and refine your fluency in an affordable manner. Join the NES online social club. Meet as a group and chat in a relaxed and casual atmosphere with a native moderator. 

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 “After a long break without English, I had the opportunity of lessons with a native speaking teacher. I enjoyed these lessons for many reasons. John adapted the teaching to our needs, i.e. improving communication in everyday life situations. The lessons had both grammatical and practical parts. John was always well prepared and in tune. I appreciated his intelligence, sense of humour, and his wide range of general knowledge beyond English. “

Aleš Nebaznivy, IT, Municipality

john ryan


John Ryan is an educator and published writer with many years of teaching experience. John was born in Ireland and is a native English speaker. He has taught in schools, colleges, and various companies. His student base is varied and includes children, teenagers, high school and university students, corporate clients, and more. 

John began his career as an arts graduate and musician in the nineties. After his postgraduate studies/ masters, he specialised in creative psychotherapy, working in various clinical settings. 

As a former athlete, he is a qualified sports coach with many years of experience in this area. He has owned and managed a number of businesses throughout the years and has been the director of two companies.

Currently, he teaches at a National Czech school and Czech University. He is often contracted by other educational institutions via his professional service, NES.  

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Where do you start when learning a new language? There are so many ways of learning, but sometimes no single approach works best for everybody.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or an advanced english speaker, every lesson is another step closer to having a Greater command of your chosen language.

Do you need better English speaking skills?

 Individual 45-90 minute lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students and clients.

Small group lessons at reduced rates for all levels.

  Customised lessons that are compatible with your needs.

 Topical and engaging lessons that exercise your productive and receptive skills. 

Creative ways of learning while drawing on your interests.

Online lessons for individuals and groups using any of the most popular social media platforms of your choice.

(Choose between Google Meet/ Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype.)

"Our lessons were mainly focused on vocabulary and general communication skills. I really valued John's attitude and the natural flow of the lessons. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone who needs to improve their English."

Ing. Veronika Hladová, Head of Economics/SHEQ, Linde, a.s.



Business English communication is no longer a choice. It's a necessity. Today's dynamic corporate environment demands it for employees and for companies alike. Instant global connectivity is now commonplace with expanding markets.

Does your company require better business English communication?

Do you require English that best represents your company?

 The production of clear and concise documents to reflect the quality and professionalism of you and your company?

   The introduction of English communication protocol, in a guided manner, to enhance confidence and relationships?

 The development of a terminology package and style guide to improve consistency across your service?

✓ Overall improved efficiency in English communication to save time and money, and expedite sales?

One-to-one and group lessons specifically tailored to the needs of your business or company?

I was lucky that John became my one-to-one teacher. The lessons were great! Our conversations were enriched with many different topics that were fun and interesting. Also, John adapted very well to my needs and the specific topics that I also needed to focus on. He was always well prepared with the right material. As a native speaking teacher, I would highly recommend him.

Ing. Pavel Žák, Technical Director, Spolchemie



Good quality writing undergoes a process. It's a journey from creation to submission and publication. Why not give your writing the best chance along the way? 

Do you require clear, concise projects with natural flow and authentic native tone?

Do you need written documents that make an impact?

 Documents that are grammatically correct, clear and concise.

 Online digital content that is impacting. 

 Text that conveys the appropriate tone and native flow.



Language is a highly complex form of communication. We learn our first language through real-life communication before we ever understand grammar. We can never underestimate the productive skill of talking and the receptive skill of listening. The dynamic flow of conversation is essential for faster progress and better fluency.

Do you want real-time conversation with a native speaker in a social dynamic?

Do you need to accelerate your English speaking skills?

Join the Talktime Club to avail of the following:

 Native conversation in the most natural way. 

   Topical discussions that are varied, insightful and interesting.

The opportunity to share your thought, discuss your interests, hobbies and culture, and meet new people through English.

A friendly group platform to share and express your views about today's world.

A relaxed, fun, and social group setting that encourages fluency.

✓ An online conversation club to learn about other cultures, traditions, and views.  

An affordable way to quickly enhance your speaking skills.

 A superb way to boost your confidence in speaking English.



GROUP 1: MONDAY 16.00 - 17.00

GROUP 2: THURSDAY 16.00 - 17.00


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For larger groups please use the contact form for customised prices. 

450 CZK

  • 45 minutes

  • 400 CZK - 45 minutes/ online

  • 500 CZK - 1 hour

  • (450 CZK - online)

  • 650 CZK - 1.5 hours

  • (600 CZK - online)


600 CZK

  • 45 minutes

  • 700 CZK - 1 hour

  • (600 CZK - online)

  • 1000 CZK - 1.5 hours

  • (800 CZK - online)


1,200 CZK

1 hour

(1, 100 CZK- online)

  • 1,500 CZK - 1.5 hours

  • (1,400 CZK - online)

  • Minimum - 3 per group Maximum  - 8 per group 


300 CZK

1 hour 

(CZK 250  - online) 

Minimum - 3 per group Maximum  - 8 per group 

Mondays/ Thursdays: 16.00 - 17.00

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